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Dallas' Best Run & Most Trusted Dog Walking Service

Our awesome team is made up of life-long animal lovers and owners who are truly dedicated to the welfare of your animals. They are hand-picked for their warm, caring, intelligent and fun personalities.  We have the perfect dog walkers, dog runners, pet sitters, house sitters, pooper scoopers and cat sitters for your furry family!



Our specialty!  Can't make it home for a midday dog walk?  Stuck working late?  Working longer hours during busy season?  We can help!  Whether it is a quick potty break or an hour long walk, our dog walkers do it all with enthusiasm.  We work 365 days a year and provide walks from 6am - 11pm.  We are available for dog walks in all of Dallas and greater Dallas areas. We understand work schedules can be hectic and we are excited to help with your pups!  We have won several awards for Dallas Dog Walkers and come with a thick stack of references!


Overnight House Sitting

Going out of town for a long trip or weekend getaway?  We offer overnight house sitting in Dallas and greater Dallas areas.  Our pet sitters stay in your home and follow your normal routine.  We provide updates and can run any pet errands to ensure the normal routine stays in place while you are away.  We book overnights 365 days a year on a first come first serve basis.



Exercise is important!  Especially if you have an energetic pup.  We provide daily dog running in Dallas and greater Dallas areas.  Our dog runners have helped several families with high energy dogs.  We have 10 minute, 20 minute, 30 minute and 40 minute runs available.  Have a dog that's been tearing up furniture or household items?  Schedule them a dog run!  Helping direct their energy into something positive makes for a happy dog and a happy dog owner!  You can mix the services to customize a routine that works best for your family!

Pet Errands


We can do any and all pet errands!  With our pet taxi service we can take your animals on trips to the vet, groomer, weddings or a playdate.  We also offer pet errands- whether you need us to pickup a bag of food or supplies for your pet's birthday party we are here for you!  Our pet taxis and pet errands are for all of Dallas and greater Dallas areas.



Going out of town?  Need weekly help with the cat litter box?  We are here to help!  Our cat sitters specialize in kitty care and are great when it comes to all things cat.  We send daily updates and pictures.  We are able to administer IV fluids, insulin and medications.  We want our cat parents to come home to a happy cat, clean litter box and clean feeding area.  Our sitters always go above and beyond to make sure the cats in our care are well taken care of and the owners are happy!


House Training

New puppy?  We can help!  We offer quick midday potty breaks for puppies that need help with their potty training routine.  We service all of Dallas and greater Dallas areas.  We start our visits at 6am and go until 11pm, so we are able to setup whatever routine you need to help with potty training your dog.  Our puppy visits are affordable and super helpful for busy professionals.


Pooper Scooper

Our residential services are perfect for families who do not have time to pick up after their dog, or just plain hate doing it! We come to your house and scoop the poop in your yard and dog pens. We will double bag the waste and haul it away.  We will double bag the waste and haul it away. We disinfect our equipment and shoes after each yard to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Our backyard waste removal service is helpful for families hosting backyard events or with small children who love to play in the backyard.  We have pet waste removal service in all of Dallas and greater Dallas areas.



Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Rodents, Birds and Reptiles your Dallas pet sitters do it all with love! We offer professional pet care in your home as an alternative to kennels and boarding facilities.  This allows for your pet to stay in the comfort of their own home while we cater to their specific needs. Our pet sitters service the Dallas and greater Dallas areas.  We have won several awards and have a long list of happy customers.  Our pet sitting service is one of a kind- our customers matter to us and we do whatever we can to make sure they are happy with our pet sitting care!

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